Restoration of the old box with your own hands

Once I was sitting on a couch in front of the TV and sorting through the correspondence that has accumulated in a few days. In one word, there was a dump of necessary and unnecessary papers. And then an idea came to me to create a kind of coffret for daily newspapers, magazines, advertisements, etc. So that I could quickly view and disassemble them when there will be order on the sofa.

So, the question occurred: where I should put them? What container I should use? Then a coincidence helped me. Once I was walking around the city and came into a furniture store.  I still don’t know why I did it. In the corner at the exit laid a cluster of unnecessary things. I know it because the salesman told the roustabout off for the mess. Before this guy took out the garbage, I laid eyes on a small chest.  There was an old shabby wooden box with a small handle. I grabbed it with both hands and begged the worker to give it to me. I was just as happy as a child. I even paid him a small amount of money and the guy was really surprised but glad.

The chest was in a rather good condition on top but it was horrible inside.

I decided to start with it.

First I removed the inner partition for cutlery and I had to ask my husband for help.

I used a scraper to remove the peeling paint, varnish, and paper. Then I scraped it with glass-paper and wiped with alcohol to eliminate any infection.

After that I used the wood-filler to level everything and cleaned it once again with flint cloth.

Then I got down to the external «make-up».

Once again I used the glass-paper on the outside for better grip. Then I dyed it with coated paint. It first well and it doesn’t crack. Before the paint dried, I had made light scuffs with wet fabric in the corners of the coffret. I had to paint it two more times to hide dark color. I had to create scuffs once again but it was worth it. It turned out to be beautiful. I must admit that lately I have conceived a passion for white paint. But it really turned out to be nice!

It looks like the coffret is ready. I could not wait to start drawing a screen pattern.

I highlighted a strip where I would put the word «PARIS» with gray paint. So I used masking tape to create even stripes and put a contrasting paint over them.

When everything is dry, you can remove the tape and will get even stripes.

Now it’s time for the screen pattern. I have already decided to paint it with dark gray paint. I didn’t want to paint it black not to create too strong contrast that wouldn’t look good.

I fixed the screen pattern with tape, so it won’t displace and got down to work. Then I carefully removed it. It was beautiful but kind of raw.

I decided to implant a little of the screen pattern on the background of the box and put strokes on it with a dry brush.

Now it became nice and cute.

Inside I pasted the chest over with fabric stretched over the paper.

In this box I can easily sort out all the papers, and also decided to put a TV remote control here because I always have to look for it when I want to watch something. I like it now!

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