Provence Decoupage

To make such a beautiful and stylish hairbrush with your hands is very easy and fast. Not only does it perfectly complement the decor of your dressing table, but can also be an excellent option for a gift.

For making the decoupage we need:

  • wooden blank comb;
  • priming;
  • varnish;
  • glue;
  • acrylic paint (white and dark);
  • brush;
  • sandpaper;
  • candle;
  • napkin.

Cover each side of the comb with priming and leave to dry for at least an hour.

Cover each side of the comb with dark acrylic paint and leave to dry for another couple of hours.

Once it dries up, take a candle and rub with it all the protruding parts of the comb, and also make a couple of strips on the flat surface. These will be our future cracks, so we try to make smooth lines. As soon as we have used the candle, it is necessary to brush off all the excess particles with a soft, dry brush.

Cover the comb with several layers of white paint with intermediate drying.

After our comb has dried, we take sandpaper and rub places that have been rubbed with a candle so that the bottom dark layer of paint can be seen.

Choose the napkin with the picture you like and tear out the necessary fragments of the pattern. Separate the top layer of the napkin.

Glue the image, leave the comb to dry.

Next, create a light spray of paint on the surface, for this we need a hard brush, a toothpick and dark paint. Dip a brush into the paint and gently sprinkle through a toothpick on the comb.

We get such wonderful texture spots! Spray on the second side as well.

After that, cover the comb with several layers of varnish with drying. Thus, we get an unusual beautiful designer comb, which will be definitely exceptional!

Good luck!

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