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DIY Hanging Shelf

You will need:

  • board 15x40x2.5 cm;
  • firm black cord;
  • black ring;
  • drill;
  • sandpaper;
  • top coating for wood or paint;
  • level

  1. First, measure the required size of the shelf and cut the board to the desired size.
  2. At the distance of 1.5 cm on each side, draw lines along the edge. Mark the intersection of the lines in the corners. Drill holes through these places.
  3. Treat the surface of the board with sandpaper.
  4. If desired, coat the surface of the shelf with paint or topcoat.
  5. Cut the cord to the required size. The length of the cord should be equal to the distance from the hook to the shelf, multiplied by at least 2. You will need 2 of these cords.
  6. Take both cords and thread the center through the ring, then thread the ends into the loop. Thread the 2 ends through the front holes of the shelf and tie the knots at the ends. Do the same procedure with the rear holes of the shelf.

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