How to Make a Choker DIY

A choker is a short necklace that fits snugly around the neck, which is back in fashion. Such an accessory looks very impressive and is able to give a highlight to any image; however, so as not to look too aggressive, the choker should be minimalistic and simple. We offer you to make a couple of variants of such fashionable chokers with your own hands.

Option 1

You will need a metal ring and two leather laces (they are easy to find in the shops for needlewomen).

Stages of work:

– cut 2 pieces of cord, approximately 60 cm each;

– fold one of the pieces and stretch it through the ring so that the other end is in the loop;

– place the loop under the ring, as is shown in the photo;

– then pull the loop in the opposite direction so that it covers the two ends of the cord;

– force the loop ends through the loop;

– do the same with the second cord;

– tie the ends of the laces around your neck to secure the choker.

Option 2

This variant of the wide choker is even easier to make. You only need a long leather lace and a pair of beads for decoration.

Stages of work:

– take a long leather lace (if you want it to turn around the neck about 3 times, you will need about 2 m);

– Thread the tips into large beads and secure them with knots;

– wrap the choker twice around the neck and tie a loose knot.

As you see, the decoration is very easy to make, and it can look very impressive, try it!

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