11 Advices on Creating a Garden

Are you an experienced or novice gardener? These simple and clear advices will help you.

Perhaps you already have a green garden, or maybe you did not have to grow plants before. With the right information, anyone can successfully grow a good garden.

Here 11 charts, tutorials and infographics

1. Learn how to make a raised garden platform, suitable in size and material for your garden.

A few advices for planning your own elevated platforms for plants:
۰ Most vegetables need good sun light for 6-8 hours a day. Choose a flat, well lit square of your plot.
۰ The optimum height of your platform is about six inches tall. This will improve the drainage properties of the platform.
۰ Raised platforms significantly ease the load on your back, which means care tasks such as planting, weeding and feeding.
۰ Elevated platforms heat up faster and retain heat for longer, which means an extension of the vegetation period on both sides.
۰ Raised platforms should be made of wood, stone or metal.

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