Handmade Photo Frames: Some Creative Ideas

Pictures of our beloved ones are a popular interior decoration item. They add warmth and coziness to our home or office. It’s quite easy to handcraft a custom photo frame, as there are so many ways to decorate a wooden or plastic base of a standard product. You can use paper and cardboard, fabric and lace, satin or crepe ribbons, organza or chiffon. Ropes, hemp and burlap, junk and natural materials – almost everything can help. The choice is up to a master and depends on their wishes and budget, current setting, furniture etc. The type of the room matters too: use tender, pastel shades for your bedroom and brighter colors for your dining room.

Let’s discuss some creative ideas of making custom photo frames with your own hands.

Quilling Technique

The frame you are going to decorate with paper flowers should have a flat front surface. Use white craft glue and a ball-point pen refill as a shaft to wind paper strips around. Glue the curled strips together to form petals, Add a bead to the center to complete the flower. To make all your flowers uniform, consider using a kind of mold like a round orifice of a ruler.

Using Paper

This option requires an A4-size sheet of double-sided color paper. Curl some sheets diagonally to get a set of tubes. Paste the tubes stepwise to form a frame. If necessary, use shears to adjust the length. You can complement the product with some paper flowers of different colors, each with a bead in the center. This is a quite easy design that even a teenager can cope with.

Using Natural Materials

A wide range of natural materials can be used to produce or decorate a custom photo frame. Sea pebbles and small gravel, dry moss and straw, shells and tree twigs will suit perfectly. Coffee beans, any grains, beans, peas, cones, chestnuts and any nutshell are good decoration materials too. Paint your product using spray or brush to make it shiny.

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