DIY Decorative Box. Coffee Mill

The aroma of coffee tones, uplifts, inspires creativity and work. And the figures, decorated with coffee beans, create a wonderful atmosphere of comfort in the interior, add piquancy and completeness to your dining room or kitchen.

The coffee mill is not only a beautiful and fragrant figure. The mill can be a box for small things or original gift package for coffee. In this article we will explain how to make a decorative box with your own hands.


  • cardboard sheet
  • box or plastic bottle for the base of the mill
  • rope
  • small wooden slats, bamboo napkin or ice cream sticks
  • coffee beans
  • wire
  • a small piece of fabric for making bags and doors
  • a small piece of fabric to imitate grass
  • paints
  • varnish
  • fiberboard for base


  • tweezers
  • glue
  • pencil
  • tassel
  • ruler
  • office knife or scissors
  • compass
  • strings
  • needle

I do not specify the size and quantity, everything is individual: it depends on what materials you use and on the size of the box.

The process of making a decorative box

Making a roof

Draw and cut a circle from the cardboard. The size depends on how big the mill you want to make. A circle with a diameter of 19 cm suited for a mill 19 cm high.

Make a straight cut from the edge to the center of the circle.

Connect the snicked circle into a cone, glue it.

Paint the cone dark brown, which is close to the color of coffee beans.

When the paint dries, completely glue the whole cone with the coffee beans.

Making the “walls” of the coffee mill

To do this, you need to wrap a suitable box with a rope, giving the walls texture. The chips box was very high, I cut off about a half. A plastic bottle can also be used to create the “walls”.

Apply glue to the box and tightly wrap the box with the rope.

Decorate the “walls” in some places with the coffee beans, imitating a stonework.

For making the door of the coffee mill, you can use any thin wooden slats or ice cream sticks, a bamboo napkin is also very comfortable to use.

Cutting the thread, undo the bamboo napkin.

Draw the shape of the future door on the wooden slats.

Cut the door line and stick on the fabric.

Paint the door with dark brown paint giving it the look of old wood.

Weave a pigtail from thick threads and glue to the door in two places. If necessary, cover them with paint and varnish.

Make a small ring from a thin wire using round pliers or tweezers.

Glue the ring to the door, imitating the handle.

The finished door glue to the mill.

Making the blades of the coffee mill

You can use thin slats or wooden skewers to make blades. Put them crosswise and fix with glue.

Strengthen the blades with small, suitable laths.

The laths paint dark brown to imitate old wood. The middle can be decorated with coffee beans. Then coat the blades with varnish.

Fix the blades on the roof with glue.

Making coffee bags

Use a coarse cloth or burlap for sewing bags.

Sew a small piece on the sides and turn it inside out.

Tilt the edges and fix them with a thread, tighten the thread a little so that the edges of the bag are gathered.

At the bottom of the bag you can put a piece of paper, cotton or fabric, and glue the coffee beans on the top. Decorate the bag with the coffee beans and coat with varnish.

Making the foundation

Cut a circle from a hardboard or thick cardboard on which we will put the mill.

Try on the mill, the bags on the circle and mark with a pencil where the objects will be located.

Make a small fence from coffee beans, fix with glue.

Cover the area free of objects with a cloth imitating grass. Glue it.

Glue the mill to the base. If desired, fix the bags with glue in the same way. Decorate the edges of the circle with coffee beans.

You can put a jar of coffee inside to get an original gift. If desired, glue the roof, and then the mill will become a decorative coffee figure.

The coffee mill is ready.

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