How to Turn an Old Suitcase into an Interesting Piece of Interior

An old suitcase is a true friend with whom so much has been passed and experienced. Hikes, holidays, business trips, travels. Every scuff, dent and scratch is a memory. Sooner or later, it will be replaced by a new one, which is lighter, stronger, more beautiful. But of the old one you can make a lot of interesting things.


The simplest thing into which a suitcase can be transformed is a table. It all depends on the size and design. A large, massive suitcase will be a great coffee table, and a small, neat suitcase will be a wonderful bedside table.

Pet bed

Each cat considers it his duty to lie down in a suitcase as soon as you open it. Use this to make your pet a stylish and cozy bed. Just put a pillow in the suitcase so that it is more convenient — and it’s ready! And if you have two pets, make a two-level bed!


If you don’t have a cat, you can make a comfortable chair or an ottoman for yourself. It will be stylish and unusual.


Use old suitcases as shelves! Stylish metal fittings will enrich the interior by adding a bit of retro mood. And the old suitcase will always remind you of travels.


Another thing an old suitcase can be turned into is an excellent locker for anything. For example, for jewelry, items for sewing, painting or even a mini-bar.

Nowadays it’s not a problem to find absolutely any piece of furniture or decor in a store. Among the huge range of products there is everything. For every taste and color, all sorts of styles and sizes. What is there not to be found? What will be close and valuable for you. Something unique, capable of reminding you of great vacation days or funny situations on the road. That’s why making your own items is a good idea. So be inspired by new ideas and impressions!

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