A cover for a computer chair by your own hands

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Why do you need a cover?
Using of a cover will not only help you to hide a defects of lining. A cover will help you to protect your chair from dirt and breakages. It is especially actuall if you live in a house with children or pets. You can easy wear out a cover and clean it up but you can not do this with a linning. However, using of a cover will help you to enter an office chair almost to any interior. A cover for computer chair will make using of it more comfortable, especially at summer.

Materials and tools
Prior to sewing of covers for a computer chair, you need to prepare a materials and toolls. You will need:

1) Сut of cloth
2) Threads with colour of material and with enough contrast for sweaping
3) Measuring tape, chalk, pencil, scissors, pins
4) Linen elastic band or zipper
5) Sewing machine, overlock

How to choose and count quantity of cloth
In addition to inviting appearance, material for a cover should accord to a number of standards
1) Density
2) Abrasion resistance
3) Ease of cleaning

The most popular variants: flock, chenille, microfiber. They are combined, that means they combine natural and synthetic fibres. It allows to reach high operational characteristics with saving of beneficial attributes of native materials.

Quantity of a cloth you need for sewing a cover for computer chair depends on model of a chair and type of a cover: will it covers only linning or whole the construction. In first case, you will need minimal quantity of material, which you can easily count by measuring of length and width of chair back and seat. You need to add 10 cm to an overlap, 2 cm to a rubber band, and 1 cm to a hem. So you need to increase measurements on 26 cm in length and width.
If a cover will cover all of the parts of a computer chair, than a quantity of cloth you need will grow twice.

You should lay the cloth, you chose, to a flat surface upside down and fix the materials for the pattern on it by pins. Than encircle the elements by chalk and cut it out. Process the corners of the details by overlock and stitch it by zig-zag if you want the cloth to not crumble.

After that, you need to tack the elements and try them on the chair. You should cut the line of a cloth on the perimeter to make holes for armrests and permanent contact. On this stage you must correct the tucks if you want the cover to lie smoother. You do not need tack the details of the bottom part of seat because you will sew zippers in it. After that you must sew the seams on a sewing machine. The part of corners seam on the chair back stays free for zippers.
Now you need to sew a zipper.
The cover for computer chair is done. It will look perfectly in your interier and will protect your furniture from dirt and breakages.

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